Beyond Just Games: VR

Beyond Just Games: VR

Gone is the time where your thoughts automatically turned to video games at the mention of Virtual Reality. Having Sony announced about their new PlayStation with a VR facilitated headset, technology has wandered way far from just existing in games. Out there, there are so many wonderful things happening.


One of the prime contenders for applications of VR – Imagine walking around on the prehistoric Earth amidst dinosaurs and extinct fauna. Exploring the sea bed. Or even floating between planets and galaxies. Sounds like a dream right? Not too far away. With the help of virtual reality glasses this and so much more have become possible – revolutionizing classroom studies into ultimate learning experience. In med schools and even hospitals, VR is being used as a tool to gain “hands-on” experience in a controlled environment. Doctors can ‘practice’ difficult and challenging surgeries on a virtual patient and calculate the margin for error figuring out the best method.


VR doesn’t seem to show any signs of having a lack of applications here. How about not having to travel overseas to meet with your business partners and instead, talking to them in the comfort of your office “face-to-face”? Holding meetings, workshops. conducting interviews all of these can be done the same with the help of a virtual reality equipments. Say yes to saving money and time – and even maybe not having to step out of your house!Safer automobiles are being made as mechanics can test and evaluate their designs prior to building. Architecture benefits from being able to build stronger sturdier structures. Industries that produce dangerous goods are able to pre-test them without putting the employees and their health in harm.

Travel and Transportation

Why are we not able to experience a little test run of our intended vacation? Well you will be able to very soon. You can simply take virtual tours at Australia in every destination on your wish list and see for yourself which one will be the next trip. It doesn’t stop there – you will be able to walk around the hotel room you want to book, take a quick panoramic city tour as well.


VR can greatly influence and amplify the effectiveness of treatments and procedures – especially surgical and psychiatric. Individuals with depression, anxiety, PTSD and even addictions and substance abuse have a promise with VR.

What Is So Special About Paintball?

What Is So Special About Paintball?

You may have heard people saying that it is such a worthy experience, you may have read about how thrilling it can be, but if you have not had the first-hand experience about paintball, it would not be very easy for you to grasp what is so special about it. Paintball, in fact, is something that any one from any age could enjoy. Whether you are a teenager, or a person who is in the middle age, paintball would be able to provide you such a memorable experience. If you have not engaged in paintball so far, it would do well for you to know a bit about what paintball is and why it is special.Imagine how exciting fighting with water guns happened to be when you were a kid.

Now imagine the same, but more tactical, strategic and with guns that shoot balls of paint. When you engage in paintball skirmish with a bunch of your friends, everything ranging from the planning that you carry out to the mere thrill of avoiding paintballs and shooting someone else would be able to bring in so much joy to you. In addition, to being so satisfying, paintball is also a good exercise to you. If you engage in it well enough, you would be able to engage in proper cardio exercises that would allow you to stay in a shape in a proper manner.It is a game where you would have to use your head as much as your body.

You would have to think right, anticipate movement and sometimes even take the direction that the wind is blowing into account before making a choice. All this has to be done fast and this would sharpen your muscle coordination in a proper manner. It would also build the teamwork that you and your team has, which is the reason why many companies take their employees for paintball sessions. Above it all, it is something that is fun. You would certainly enjoy it.

Once you finish paintballing in Sydney, you would want to get right back in the game, and you would get better with each game that you play.There is so much more that makes paintball special than the games that are out there. You might well be find your own reason to love paintball, and all this would contribute towards you being a happy and a healthy person who enjoys what they are doing. Paintball certainly deserves the popularity that it had gained in the modern society not because of just a few reasons, but due so many more.

Add Excitement To Your Life

Add Excitement To Your Life

You should find ways to add excitement into your life. When you live an exciting life you will always have something to look forward to. When you live an exciting life you will not be able to predict how your day is going to go. If you can predict how your day is going to go you will live a dull life because you will be doing the same routine things every single day. Having a routine can be good for you but you will still need to change your routine up sometimes because you don’t want life to become predictable.

You will have something to look forward to

You can add excitement into your life by getting a hot rod magazine subscription. This way you will have something to look forward to. You will be able to get new and interesting industry stories and news so that you will know everything that is going on. You will be able to get a look inside your favorite Australian hot rod magazine as well. You will also be able to see how the industry has developed and how they are planning on developing it in the future as well.

You should try different things

If you want to live an exciting life you cannot do the same things day in and day out. By doing different things you will not know what to expect. It is good to do different things because you will experience more things in life. You will be able to create new memories and you will have more to look back on. When you try out different things in life and have more experiences you will have fewer regrets because you will know that you tried your best to live life to the fullest.

Do not wait for the right moment

If you want to make your life exciting you cannot wait for the right moment to make your life more exciting. You cannot wait for the right moment until you have everything sorted out to change the way that you live your life because if you do this you will never change the way that you live life. You should remember that the right moment never exists and it something that we keep telling ourselves over and over again because we are scared of change. Change can be scary because there is an element of risk involved since you are dealing with the unknown however change will also be fun and the reward for change will be worth it.

The Use Of Drones In Photography

The Use Of Drones In Photography

This technology is being widely used in the photography field, it was in experimental status and was only used for fun and now it has turned into professional level. It is used mainly to capture aerial shots of building at a wide angle. Certain photographers which were unable to be captured before are not a dream anymore. You usually see stunning shots of landscapes of mountains, high rise buildings, and rivers being captured in movies. When it comes to movies a helicopter is used to capture those images with a crew that is employed with more than 20 members to assist the camera person. However, it is impossible for a normal person to arrange a helicopter, because even if you have the required finances needed funds to arranged a helicopter, you will require a skilled pilot to fly the machine so that your only focus in on taking pictures.

So, if you want to experiment aerial photography at an affordable cost then investing on a camera drone is your best option you can opting this product in a trusted Sphere company. They are available in various types and it is quite easy to choose the camera which is best suited for your needs. There are models which you can buy for under hundred dollars without having to spend too much. This is ideal for anyone interested and is experimenting photography using a drone. If you are in experiment stages of using a drone, then it’s better that you purchase a cheap version because it’s highly likely that you will crash and cause damage it to it. So always start off using a cheap version of it without giving in to more complex and advanced options.

Photographers who are well experienced in photography and have experience with working with equipment such as dji phantom 3 advanced can easily opt for more advanced types of drones which are capable of carrying heavier camera types with advanced options. And among the most professional series of cameras being used include the earlier mentioned brand. If you are really sure about your piloting skills, then you could go for the 3d robotics version introduced by iris. They would cost you couple more hundreds and you may feel as if it’s not worth spending so much on device, but if you are adamant about quality then you will realise in time that the money invested is worth it and that the quality of images has a far bigger contrast. The camera is very important aspect of the drone experience when you are considering achieving great shots.