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Month: December 2017

Beyond Just Games: VR

Beyond Just Games: VR

Gone is the time where your thoughts automatically turned to video games at the mention of Virtual Reality. Having Sony announced about their new PlayStation with a VR facilitated headset, technology has wandered way far from just existing in games. Out there, there are so many wonderful things happening.


One of the prime contenders for applications of VR – Imagine walking around on the prehistoric Earth amidst dinosaurs and extinct fauna. Exploring the sea bed. Or even floating between planets and galaxies. Sounds like a dream right? Not too far away. With the help of virtual reality glasses this and so much more have become possible – revolutionizing classroom studies into ultimate learning experience. In med schools and even hospitals, VR is being used as a tool to gain “hands-on” experience in a controlled environment. Doctors can ‘practice’ difficult and challenging surgeries on a virtual patient and calculate the margin for error figuring out the best method.


VR doesn’t seem to show any signs of having a lack of applications here. How about not having to travel overseas to meet with your business partners and instead, talking to them in the comfort of your office “face-to-face”? Holding meetings, workshops. conducting interviews all of these can be done the same with the help of a virtual reality equipments. Say yes to saving money and time – and even maybe not having to step out of your house!Safer automobiles are being made as mechanics can test and evaluate their designs prior to building. Architecture benefits from being able to build stronger sturdier structures. Industries that produce dangerous goods are able to pre-test them without putting the employees and their health in harm.

Travel and Transportation

Why are we not able to experience a little test run of our intended vacation? Well you will be able to very soon. You can simply take virtual tours at Australia in every destination on your wish list and see for yourself which one will be the next trip. It doesn’t stop there – you will be able to walk around the hotel room you want to book, take a quick panoramic city tour as well.


VR can greatly influence and amplify the effectiveness of treatments and procedures – especially surgical and psychiatric. Individuals with depression, anxiety, PTSD and even addictions and substance abuse have a promise with VR.